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Here Be Dragons
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Here Be Dragons

My final project in MA Commercial Photography at University of Arts London Here Be Dragons is based on folklore creatures from around the world.

When medieval mapmakers charted the edge of unexplored lands, they inhabited them with illustrations of a fantastic array of dragons, sea monsters and other beings they dreamt lived there.

From our maps to our folk tales, magical creatures have enraptured human imagination over the centuries. Here Be Dragons is an exploration of the mythical creatures that flourish across different cultures.

As a child, my grandmother read me folk tales from across the world. I found these bedtime stories endlessly fascinating; my grandmother unfailingly fell asleep before me, at which point my grandfather would continue reading. If my grandfather fell asleep, it would be time to wake grandmother again.  

This project is a tribute to some of the magical characters introduced to me by my grandparents. Featured in the project so far are Leshy, a Ukrainian woodland spirit, Quetzalcóatl, a feathered serpent deity from Mexico, Impundulu, a lightning bird from South Africa, Chochin-Obake, a sentient lantern from Japan, and Siren, a beguiling Grecian mermaid-like temptress.